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Above and Beyond Children's Museum

Above and Beyond Children's Museum has invited us back year after year on special request! Sheboygan Herp Society is dedicated to doing a show for Above and Beyond Children's Museum each year!

History: Above & Beyond Children’s Museum (ABCM) is a non-profit organization servicing children and families of Sheboygan County and its visitors. Located in downtown Sheboygan, it has enjoyed 16 years of community service enhancing the lives and experiences of children. From its humble beginning as a traveling road show featuring interactive children’s exhibits, it quickly outgrew its first location open only one day a month, to become an establish community treasure offering service six days a week. It has been operating from its three-story historic location on 8th Street for the past ten years enriching thousands of children’s lives.

City of Sheboygan

City of Sheboygan has invited us back to make an appearance in the 4th of July Parade! Last year we had alot of fun and this year will prove out to be even better!

History: Sheboygan is a community built on industry and trade that has become known throughout the world and is rapidly becoming a top tourist destination. Its history is diverse in culture from the early settlers to the most recent downtown renovations. Sheboygan has something for everyone to enjoy.

Society Meetings

The Sheboygan Herp Society holds monthly meetings to discuss different topics and the happenings in the Society. It is open to any that would like to attend because The Sheboygan Herp Society dooes not hold nothing from the General Public. These are the first Sunday of each month.

History: Sheboygan Herp Society was created to provide the best source of information about reptiles and amphibians from the most experienced hobbyist and breeders. It is our hope to create the best source for information online today. We are here to provide you answers to all of your questions about your reptiles and amphibians. From the proper temperatures to house your Leopard Geckos under to how to fight mites in your collection, we have the answers, recommendations, opinions, and experience to help you keep your reptiles healthy and happy.

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