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Mission Statement

Sheboygan Herp Society was created to provide the best source of information about reptiles and amphibians from the most experienced hobbyist and breeders. It is our hope to create the best source for information online today. We are here to provide you answers to all of your questions about your reptiles and amphibians. From the proper temperatures to house your Leopard Geckos under to how to fight mites in your collection, we have the answers, recommendations, opinions, and experience to help you keep your reptiles healthy and happy.

With the numerous features offered by Sheboygan Herp Society, you can find everything you need to know about our favorite animals.

To all the other people who thought it wouldn't work ..!., And to all the people on the net who has ever tried to bring us down ,.!.. @ @ ..!.,

In our forums you will find alot of usful information from a string of other people from around the world, if you cant find your answer dont be afraid to ask. Sheboygan Herp Society Forums have categories pertaining to many of the most kept herps today, as well as those rare gems that are not. We have help forums,general talk about anything forums, adoption and rescue forums, forums on snakes, lizards, turtles, amphibians. Heck there is even a forum that allows member to hash it out in private so as not to clog up the public forum with a bunch of trash posts.

We will have a Herp News section that will have articles and news stories from around the world that all have one thing in common.....Herps!!

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